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Graphic Opener - Design Sketch made out of references

finished Artwork


News from

The Past

Client: Koda


Graphic package for "News from The Past"-
The history of Israel, packaged into a news format, presented in a contemporary and young language, and uses the language of social networks to connect the past to the language of the present. Led by Miri Nevo and Idan Alterman. after 2 successful season, the show also had a few derivatives called "World Edition", "6 Day War Edition" and "The Bible News"

The Graphic Package was developed in collaboration with Boaz Fremder, the Creator of the show.  

My Role:

Art Direction, Design and Animation of the Graphic Package and Chief Designer/Animator for Graphical Animated Maps of the show. The Graphic Package includes:

  • Logo

  • Graphic Opener

  • Animated Backgrounds

  • Wipers 

  • Headline Lowerthirds

  • Full-Frame Graphics

  • Templates (Photoshop, After Effects)


  • Design (Photoshop, Illustrator)

  • Multi-Planning 

  • Animation

  • Visual Effects

  • Color Correction and Color Grading

  • Template Creation (Photoshop, After Effects)​

Graphic Opener Animation

Examples of PSD Templates
Animated Background
Examples of After Effects Templates 

Wiper+Headlines Template