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Graphic Opener - Design Sketch made out of references

finished Artwork

The Bible News

Client: Koda


Graphic package for "The Bible News"
The Bible Stories, packaged into a news format, presented in a contemporary and young language, and uses the language of social networks to connect the past to the language of the present. Led by Zvika Hadar and Nelly Tagar. the show is derived of a the Graphic Package of "News from The Past" 

The Graphic Package was developed in collaboration with Boaz Fremder, the Creator of the show and 929 - a foundation to encourage Bible reading.

My Role:

Art Direction, Design and Animation of the Graphic Package and Chief Designer/Animator for Graphical Animated Maps of the show. The Graphic Package includes:

  • Logo

  • Graphic Opener

  • Animated Backgrounds

  • Wipers 

  • Headline Lowerthirds

  • Full-Frame Graphics

  • Templates (Photoshop, After Effects)


  • Design (Photoshop, Illustrator)

  • Multi-planning 

  • Animation

  • Visual Effects

  • Template Creation (Photoshop, After Effects)​

Illustration by Ophir Sharer


Graphic Opener Animation

Animated Flipper Template:

Wiper+Headlines Template

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