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Graphic Opener Design Sketch made out of references

Graphic Opener Artwork in Photoshop

Illustration by Ophir Sharer


News from

The Past

Six Day War Edition

Client: Koda


Graphic package for a special six Chapter Edition of "News from The Past" - an educational TV show that is aired on the Israeli Educational Channel.  

My Role:

Art Direction, Design and Animation of a Graphic Opener and Animated Backgrounds. these elements are based on a Graphic Package I created for the entire show.


  • Design (Photoshop, Illustrator)

  • Multi-Planning 

  • Animation

  • Visual Effects

  • Coloring


for the show, the creator Boaz Fremder asked for various elements that depict the 6 day war: the Hermon mountain, Jerusalem, Sinai, Moshe Dayan, Yitzhak Rabin and more.


I started with a reference design composited from different elements I found online. I gave this to illustrator artist Ophir Sharer which gave back the illustration in Grayscale color in high resolution parts. I composited it back in Photoshop to get the final approval for the design before the animation process. after the design was complete, I animated the elements using 3D space in After Effects. the Backgrounds for the presenters were derived from the Backgrounds for the regular show, with replacing some of the icons by new ones that are more relevant to the topic.

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