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The Original Footage
Stabilize and Roto

"Am I Pretty?"

Client: Raya Bruckenthal


a Hologram Simulation for a video exhibit by Artist Raya Bruckenthal at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art


  • Compositing in After Effects and Photoshop

  • Tracking

  • Distort Animation

  • Time Remapping

  • Rotoscoping

  • Visual Effects: Lights, Distortions, and flares

  • Color Matching, Color Correction and Grading


I received an old commercial of Uri Zohar and had to cut him and complete his figure in a hologram style of screening. the video was very short and had to be stretched considerably and looped as if he was waiting for a response.

The footage had to be stabilized from a zoomed out camera. the roto had to be done in separate stages. several distort effects were used for animating the still composited body to follow along the video. the video had to be stretched in time and appear to loop so manual keyframing of time was needed. the lips saying "Am I Pretty?" had to be pasted further in time so they will match the right flow of the figure. distortion effects and other VFX plugins were used to create the hologram appearance. 

Compositing the rest of the Figure from different stock footage photos
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