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The Flowers

Music Video by Limor Salman


Compositing and effects for a Stop Motion Music Video.


  • Tracking/Stabilizing

  • Compositing

  • Rotoscoping

  • Flicker Removal

  • Time Remapping

  • Animation

  • Color Correction, Color Grading


most of the shots (70 in total) needed compositing work from rotoscoping to reassemble the shot from different pieces to make sure there is consistency in the shot and remove unwanted shifts of elements or other obstructions that were captured on camera. 

5k image sequences captured from Dragonframe were assembled in After Effects and Compositing was done to each shot. some needed careful clean up so they were sent to photoshop to do frame by frame cleaning as demonstrated in this tutorial I made for one of the shots. others were done entirely in Ae. for flicker removal I found GBDeflicker to give the best result out of all the flicker removal tools. 

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