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Example of special news projects
Examples of animated graphics

Channel 10 News


Client: Channel 10 News


Still Graphics and Animations for Channel 10 News: infographics, Compositing, Visual Effects and more.


My Role:

Senior Broadcast Designer/Animator on Channel 10 News Graphics Department. since 2005 I have been lucky to shape the look of investigative stories, active journalism and entertainment. 


Over the years I have designed and animated thousands of still Graphics and Animations for the full variety of shows made by the news division including:

  • The Main News Show - המהדורה המרכזית

  • The Past Day - היום שהיה

  • The Source - המקור

  • The Tube/Night Tube - צינור/צינור לילה

  • Economy Night- לילה כלכלי

  • London et Kirschenbaum - לונדון את קירשנבאום

  • Saturday's Magazine - מגזין שבת

  • Friday with Ayala Hasson - שישי עם אילה חסון

my duties included:

  • Design and Animation services for all the news shows.

  • Advising Editors in Chief, Producers, News Reporters and News Anchors on how to format their story into clear and concise graphics or animation.

  • managing and creating Special projects with high complexity

  • Template generating and adjusting

  • Art Direction various graphics and animations and following them through

  • Overseeing and instructing new recruits

The nature of working in a fast paced news company is an increasing demand to work very fast, very efficiently and effectively. sometime under a lot of pressure from editors and producers, sometimes at a moments notice. I had to learn 50 ways to get a job done in case one tool or technique failed,

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