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Final Result

Nafalta Hazak

Client: PRE 2 POST


second pass of compositing work on 6.5 minute scene for season 2, episode 1 of Nafalta Hazak by Miki Geva. the first pass was done by Ofeq Shemer


  • Keying

  • Rotoscoping

  • Clone/Matte brush painting

  • Compositing

  • Noise Removal 

  • Time Remapping

  • Color Correction, Color Grading


I received an After Effects project assembled and composited by Ofeq Shemer, with the majority of the work already made, but the Creator Miki Geva had corrections that meant redoing many of the keying shots and adjusting the color correction and grading to get a more refined and professional result. all had to be done very quick.

the keyed footage was shot with less than optimal conditions, and needed multi-pass keying, and several rotoscoping and matte cleaning techniques were involved to create suitable edges. addition color correction and color matching work was needed to make the scene fall into higher standards of production.

Final Result
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