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Designed Artwork

illustration by Mysh

Title Credits:

Hummus! The Movie

Client: Oren Rosenfeld


Animated Graphics for a documentary feature film.​

My Role:

Art Direction, Design and Animation for a Documentary "Hummus! The Movie"


  • Photoshop and Illustrator designing of various elements

  • Animation

  • Visual Effects

  • Color Grading


The Director needed Maps to serve as Chapters for various parts of the movie. the design was supposed to give a sense of light humor, almost cartoon - but different from a different hummus movie that already had that. the illustrations were made by my talented friend Michael (Mysh) Roznov.

I then had to composite them in 3d space to achieve an earth zoom effect, and added chick-peas to serve as a wiper to the from the previous video. 


Rolling Credits

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