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Project Composition flowchart tree with notes
Complete 13520x1920 Composite
Before/After of 1 out of 6 sections

"The Perfect [Post] Human"

Client: Daniel Landau


Compositing and Animation for a video installation by Daniel Landau. a 13K resolution 6:30 minute sequence that was projected through 12 overlapping HD projectors on a giant round surface at the round house, London. 


  • Compositing

  • Animation

  • Tracking

  • Digital Cleanup

  • Time Remapping

  • Color Matching and Color Correction


I received 6 videos that had to be composited back to back by a reference. there were 36 shots to track, containing 50 trackers each. the tracking was done by a team of tracking artists managed by Anastasia Arad. I was to composite the tracking dots together, and create a skeleton line connected by the dots using a few scripts and techniques.  

the project also had a heavy use of different Ae scripts to pull off different compositing and animation procedures. through careful planning and smart use of proxies, pre-renders and other organization tool, we were able to get to this heavy project to the finish line on time with satisfactory results with one computer doing the composite processing.  

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