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Closure (2010) - סיומת

Short Horror Film by Roei Tzoref & Isaac Rosen (06:51 min)
  • 2010 official selection Screamfest L.A

  • 2010 official selection Dark Carnival, Indiana

  • 2010 official selection Boston Underground Film Festival

  • 2010 official selection Icon TLV film festival, final candidate

Full Cast and Crew Credits: IMDB link

My Role:

Co-Director, Art Director, Design and Visual Effects

The Story:

Its the end of the world. Moria is hiding on the rooftop, getting ready to face the inevitable, when all of a sudden she hears noises coming from behind the entrance door.


Original Score (better than the film!):

Composed by Ben Jean

Still Photos: Dor Garbash

Still Photos:

Art Direction and Execution: Roei Tzoref

Photography: Dor Garbash

Promotion for the Film:

"Behind The Scenes" with Liat Regev, Channel 1, 2010:

Behind The Scenes:

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