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WiX Cinemagraphs

Client: WiX


Series of 8 seamless Cinemagraphs Loops for the use as backgrounds for Wix's websites templates. Art Direction by Eliraz Dekalo and Guy Levin from WiX.


  • Tracking/Stabilizing

  • Distort

  • Compositing

  • Rotoscoping

  • Noise Removal 

  • Time Remapping

  • Beauty work in Photoshop using frequency separation and other advanced techniques

  • Color Correction, Color Grading


I received over a 100 video files of raw footage 4K/HD footage, about 15 takes for a shot. I had to choose the right take for final 8 shots that are proper for Cinemagraphs loops. once the clips were placed in a 8 sequences in Premiere, I then copied them to After Effects.


in After Effects, after Stabilizing the footage, I began to find and isolate the looped segments (the moving parts) and began to work on creating a continuous, seamless loop using various procedures: rotoscoping, timeremapping, tracking and other techniques. the challenge was to create a perfect seamless loop that preserves an organic natural motion.


after the composite was finished and looped properly, the retouching was done in Photoshop using Beauty work including frequency separation, Color Correction, Matte Painting, and other procedures. the correction was applied back into Ae. 

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