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Original Illustrator Artwork by Oded Ezer

On The Way To Babylon

Client: Oded Ezer
Copyright © 2017 by Oded Ezer


Looped Animation for a typographic exhibition by Oded Ezer presented at Typomania (Group exhibition), Moscow Museum, June 2017.


  • Reconstruction of the design 

  • Animation

  • Time Manipulation


I was given an Ai file and was to animate it in a way that supports the design. the entire design had to be reconstructed in Ae so that the animation will be easier to control and modify. once a Rig for one circle was complete, it was easier to duplicate and change.


the animation is mostly driven by expressions so that timing was easier to modify. the spheres where simple flat maps using CC Sphere effect and the 

After Effects reconstructed Artwork
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